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Rules and How to Join
PuppyExplosion | clan tag #2RGL8PC0

Welcome to our clan website. If you're reading this, then you're already better than 90% of players that apply to this clan, because you read the clan description and can use the internet. If you read on and find the password required to join, meet our town hall level requirements, are not rushed, and have war experience, you'll get in! If one of these points doesn't apply to you (other than the password, which is required), apply anyway and you might get in if I'm feeling magnanimous.

Let's get right to what you really want to know: "What's the bare minimum I need to do to stay in this clan?"

  • TH9+, 200+ war stars, minimum max TH8 troops including your BK
  • You need to be opted into war when you join the clan.
  • You need to speak English
  • You need to use both your attacks in war, even if there's no stars you can win.
  • You need to participate in at least 25% of the wars in a quarter (or 25% of the wars you were a clan member for).
  • You need to donate only the requested troops.
  • You need to take war seriously. If your attacks stink, you'll need to improve.
  • You need to be respectful of others and watch your mouth – NO SWEARING.
  • Don't ask for Elder or Co. How to get these is addressed below.

If you do all these things, you may never type a word in chat and you'll still be an asset to the clan. There's other important things you should know about being in this clan, but if you all you want is the password to get the show on the road, here it is: Stay Fresh <-Put that into your join request. If you want to know the other important stuff, read on. It'll be worth your while.

How do I get Elder?

If you meet the following guidelines, it's a good chance you'll get Elder:

Join with the Elder password and be active in chat and war.


Be active in the clan for 2 quarters and be in good standing.

How do I stay an Elder?

  • Remain a member in good standing
  • Keep your donations up
  • Accept only applicants that meet the requirements

How do I get Co?

A Co-Leader in Puppy Explosion is someone I would feel comfortable with handing the clan over to were I to quit playing. You need to demonstrate that you're totally down with how the clan operates and show leadership skills. I need to like you. The other Co-Leaders need to like you. You need to already be an Elder. Expanded rank and requirements can be found here.


Puppy Explosion is a war clan, and as such, we expect you to participate as much as you're able. If you're opted-in, you'll be put in war. We use to manage our wars. It's a great website that provides a ton of tools you'll find useful if you're really into Clash. Make yourself an account and ask for the password in clan chat to link up with our clan.

War guidelines:

  • Use both attacks, even if you can't win any stars. If you can't use both attacks, then opt out!
  • Only donate what's requested to war ccs, and only max troops. Our clan gets a +2 level bonus for all troops. If there's only 2 hours left before war starts and ccs are still not filled, you can donate below max.
  • Use to call your bases, and to check if others have called a base. If you attack a called base, you'll get a strike. If you can't use, ask someone to check or call for you. Also in an app. To use clashtrack, create an account. Use your clash ID # as your username (I think). Then ask for the clan's password to link up with us.
  • If you're a TH8, do not attack higher than two lower than your # for your first attack. So, if you're #15 in war and are a TH8, then you can only attack #17 or lower for your first attack. Don't go too low! Attack the highest base you can get 3 stars on.
  • All bases are strongly encouraged to have all their attacks completed within the first 16 hours of war. If we want you to hold your attacks to clean up at the end, then you will be explicitly told to do so.
  • At TH9 or lower, anything less than a 3-star attack doesn't help in war unless you were asked to scout for someone. You should always be striving for 3-star attacks! It's assumed that we can't win any wars unless all stars at TH9 or lower are won. If in doubt over whom to attack, ask in chat!

War Schedule:

Tuesday-Wednesday (Clan-Wide)
Friday-Saturday (Clan-Wide)
Sunday-Tuesday (Clan-Wide)
War searches begin at 8pm Eastern.

This Website:

This website is used for clan announcements, war calendar, posting of quarterly statistics and war strategies, more formal discussion, and tracking strikes. You need to be a member of the site to see most of the content. Use your CoC name to apply, or you'll be rejected! On your mobile, click the login button, then the "Apply to site" button. On your desktop, you can find a button to apply in the upper left box on the main page.

If you've read all this, then you're among the elite! Add "Daily" to the end of the password to receive Elder! (Your join request will stay "Stay Fresh Daily." Elder may not immediately be granted upon acceptance.

Things not covered here may be covered in the Clan's FAQ.