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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What qualifies as swearing?

A: If you can't say it in a PG-Rated Disney movie, don't say it here. Do not use swear acronyms/text swears. If I know what you wanted to say, you said it. "Damn" is a swear. Minor violations will result in a stern warning. Major violations will result in immediate expulsion. Repeated minor violations can result in expulsion.

Q: I missed my second attack/entire war because [insert reason here]. Am I doomed?

A: While any missed war or attack is undesirable, I understand life can get in the way. When it becomes a problem is when a clan member starts making a habit of it. If you're a student that has trouble using both attacks during the week, request weekend-only war participation.

The reason we take this so seriously is because the stupidest way to lose a war is because of a lack of participation. It's insulting to those clan members that give 100% in every war when other members don't. Habitual missed wars/attacks also makes you unreliable, and if you're not reliable, then you're a liability to the clan.

Missed attacks result in you being removed from wars until you ask a leader to be reinstated.

Q: What are strikes, again?

A:Every time you miss an attack, you get a strike. If you miss both attacks in a war, you get three strikes. If you attack a called base, you get a strike. If you do an intentionally lame attack, you get a strike. If you get six strikes, you're placed on probation. If you get nine strikes you may be removed from the clan.

Q: What is probation?

A: It means you've proven yourself to be a liability to the clan. You may be kept out of wars at the discretion of the leadership.

Q: Does clan loyalty count for anything?

A: Yes it does. New members are judged by a much sterner metric until they prove themselves.

Q: [Insert Member Name] really stinks in war. Can we get rid of them?

A: No. Our rule is to do your best. We don't kick members based on ability provided we believe they're giving their best effort. Struggling members will be offered guidance.

Q: I'm having difficulty adhering to some aspect of the clan rules. What can I do?

A: I'm always willing to work with anyone that needs consideration. The first step is to determine if this clan is truly a good fit for you. If so, we can take appropriate considerations (ex: put you only in certain wars, make individual exceptions).

Q: I won't be on clash a long time. Should I leave the clan?

A: Speak to Douglicas/MegaLootBags before you do anything.

Q: I want to go to my friends/siblings/whatever's clan for a while to help them out. Is that allowed?

A: The only time leaving the clan is held against you is if you leave with unused attacks during a war. If you do that, you're banned so don't try returning (unless you return before war is over). Anyone is free to leave at any other time without repercussions, with the following important understandings: 1) Your spot will not be held. The clan will be opened back up, and you'll need to wait for a vacancy to return. 2) If we feel the clan was better off without you, you may not be let back in even if you didn't violate any rules (this is the only case where "not being good in war" could work against you.)

Q: But you just said that leaving wouldn't be held against me if I didn't leave with unused attacks.

A: Leaving isn't being held against you. An application to join will take into account your prior activity in the clan. If there is anything negative there, that is what's being held against you. By leaving and returning, you submit your record to a more stringent examination than if you never left. However it would have to be pretty negative to be refused re-admission.

Q: Records?

A: I keep extensive war performance records.

Q: Can I speak to you privately?

A: Yes. I can be messaged here, or ask me in clan chat for my email address.

Q: Can my mother/brother/friend/brother's sister's counsin's roomate join the clan?

A: Yes, provided there is room and they're not rushed. I'll always consider "referrals", even if they don't fit the profile we're currently looking for. I'd rather your buddy come to us than you leaving to be with them. Yes, they still need the password. Speak with me about it.

Q: You called me out in a clan mail. I'm angry/embarrassed!

A: One of the perks for joining the clan website is that I can speak to your privately. If you don't join the website, the only way I can speak to you is publicly. It's not my intention to embarrass anyone, but sometimes things need to be said for everyone's good.

Q: Is there a subsidiary clan for #PuppyExplosion?

A: No. We tried making a sub-clan but it failed.