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LaLoon for beginners

So you're yearning for the learning of the (currently) strongest TH9 attack. We are #PuppyExplosion because we are professional LaLooning killing machines! This guide will hopefully give you a better idea of exactly how to do a LaLoon attack, step-by-step. Also, I will include multiple tips to make your attack stronger and more likely to 3*. This attack will easily 3* most max TH9 bases even with Level 30 heroes. And I will explain what kinds of bases to avoid using this technique as well (The anti-air bases).

There are many variations of LaLoon and all of them have their pro's and con's that make them more beneficial for certain kinds of bases. This guide will explain 3 variations of LaLoon.

Version 1: Maverick's Technique

Army Composition: 3 Hounds (Level 2), 25 Loons (Level 6), 5 Archers (Level 5^)
Spells: 2 Lightning, 1 Rage, 1 Quake, 2 Haste
CC: 1 Hound (MAX, Level 4), 1 Poison (MAX, Level 5)
Archer Queen Level: (Minimum: 5, or you may have trouble taking out the CC)

What kind of base to look for:
Preferably, you want to find a base that has the 4 AD spread out in 4 spots nearly symmetrical to each other, so that 2 AD won't target 1 Hound at the same time.

What base to Avoid:
Bases that have AD clumped together in one area of the base. You want to be able to have the hounds travel across the base, tanking for your loons.

Step 1: Determine the spot you want to Pull The CC
Notice the radius of the Enemy CC. Note the location and direction of the Air Sweepers (AS). WITH THIS TECHNIQUE, DO NOT TRY TO PULL AGAINST A BLOWER. If you are looking for help with that, Go To Doug's Technique, Or Cope's Technique.
Your goal for pulling the CC is to take out AT LEAST 1 defense (Preferably an Archer Tower (AT) or Wizard Tower (WT)). You should not be afraid of deploying enough loons for the CC pull! Normally, it takes 2-4 loons for a successful pull. It depends on how many defenses are nearby, or how close the CC radius is to you. If you can, take out 2 defenses, especially if its a WT.

IMPORTANT STEP FOR STEP 1: You need to zap quake (2 lightning 1 quake) the closest AD to your CC pull. You need to make sure that an AD is not nearby to take out your loons.

Pro LaLoon Tip: BEST CASE SCENARIO. Do NOT take out an AD that is nearest or next to the AQ. You want to save these AD (usually 2), so that you can send your hounds in to corner her! This will be explained more ahead.

Step 2: Kill the CC
This is probably the most important step in LaLoon. If you fail to pull ALL of the cc, and Kill ALL of the cc, you have failed the attack.

The best place to drag the cc to is typically a corner spot (if available). You want to be out of reach from enemy defenses.

Pro LaLoon Tip: The best place to drop your archers and AQ is from the same direction that you want to start your attack. That way, as soon as the CC is dead, you should be dropping your hounds and loons that will protect your AQ, and she will start cleaning up buildings. (This is helpful, but not necessary for a successful LaLoon).

Drop 1 archer on the building and wait for the CC to come. Then, drop 4 archers (not directly on top or right next to each other) in a line, like a barrier, and then drop your AQ behind them. If you have a high level AQ, you may not need to use her ability. Save it if you can. Otherwise, pop the ability. You almost ALWAYS have to pop the ability on a Level 6 dragon. Even for a high level AQ.

Step 3: Drop the Hounds/Loons

Many times when I watch LaLoon attacks, I see people drop 2 hounds from the same spot. What you WANT to do is spread out the Hounds (2 per AD, that surround the AQ), in a way that both go to the AD you are targeting, but you will also trigger any air bombs along the way. You want your hounds to take out as many of those bombs as possible to protect your loons.

Pro LaLoon Tip: I prefer to drop my MAX hounds FIRST, and towards the enemy AQ. The Max hounds explodes 14 pups, compared to 10 pups from the Level 2 Hound. So you get more pups exploding over the AQ immediately. Also, I've noticed that if I release the Max hounds LAST, it tends to survive the battle on occasion, and never releasing those pups.


I say this because there are times where you may fumble around with your device a little bit too long before you get those loons backing up your hounds. If you wait too long, you will lose your hounds tanking ability, and you won't be able to make it across the base.

So when you drop those hounds, you need fast fingers, drop those loons behind them IMMEDIATELY. Imagine the base is kind of a square shape, I prefer to drop my loons in a line from from corner to the next corner. And then for the other side (on the other AD) I drop a second line from one corner to the next corner, backing up those loons. You have now covered half of the base!

Pro LaLoon Tip: Some bases may be very irregular, in which case, if you drop loons in a line, they may clump together. You need to avoid this! Some cases, its better to surgically drop loons (2-3 per defense).

Pro LaLoon Tip: Occasionally, you may find a base that has a random defense sitting on the outside of the walls. Usually a mortar or cannon. During the CC pull, you may also want to drop 2 loons on that defense to eliminate it at the beginning. That way, when you are ready to drop all loons, you will be able to drop them in a line and avoid clumping.

Step 4: Spell Drops/Killing the enemy AQ

This is where Maverick's version changes from others. I like to deal with the enemy AQ right away, and the high level AQ can often times prove to be very difficult to take down.

How I do it: When a Hound is getting ready to explode (usually the MAX hound), I drop Poison AND Rage on the Enemy AQ. Poison will slow down that AQ to the point where she is very slow. If you're lucky, she might already be attacking the next hound, or some of your loons. However, when that doesn't happen, she starts taking out pups. This is how poison comes in handy. While the poison is slowing her down, the RAGE is enraging the pups. And The pups are the key to taking down the AQ, in almost all versions of LaLoon (Skelly spell explained ahead).

Pro LaLoon Tip: I not only rage over the enemy AQ, but I also try to drop it in a way that the loons will be caught in it, and get to the AD and other defenses faster.

2 Hastes Left. Generally, this part is under your discretion. Typically, I drop my first haste near the other AD, so that the raged loons and hasted loons are getting to their respective AD at about the same time. This prevent clumping of loons and hounds. The Second Haste is mostly used for a couple different reasons:
1. I need to get through the middle of the base more quickly (Tesla's and Xbows are there tearing up my loons/pups/hounds)
2. I am trying to get past an AS. AS is blowing against you. Drop the haste to help get through it and take out that AS.

Step 5: King Drop

This is the last step of the technique. If your attack is going well, you can drop him somewhere to start cleaning up buildings. Best Case: Drop him somewhere close to where the attack started, and the pups left some buildings behind.

Worst Case: The base was tough, and your loons need some help with some added tanking. You may need to drop the BK near wherever the remaining defenses are, such as a WT or AT. Use this opportunity to tank, and allow your loons to get to those last defenses. Time it right, and you will still save your BK and he will continue to clean up buildings after tanking.

1. ZapQuake
2. Pull CC
3. Kill CC
4. Drop Hounds
6. Drop Loons
7. Poison/Rage the Enemy AQ
8. Haste opposite Loons
9. Haste Loons through the middle/Against AS
10. BK drop for cleanup/tank.

Version 2: Douglicas’ Style

Army Composition: 3 Hounds, 25 Loons, 5 Archers
Spells: 2 Lightning, 1 Quake, 2 Rage
CC: 1 Max Hound, 1 Max Haste

Doug’s version is nearly identical to Maverick’s style, though he goes without the poison. He is also extremely successful with this technique. I especially recommend this technique when you either don’t need poison (Low Level AQ or perhaps AQ walks outside the walls and you can take her out with BK/AQ), or the base is perhaps very irregular, and you may need more SPEED to get around the base than worrying about the AQ going down.

Cast’N’Blast is the YouTuber that swears by this attack and he posts fantastic videos about the strategy and what to do in certain situations. I’m posting a link to his most recent video on it, and you can view much more on his page.

1. ZapQuake
2. Pull The CC
3. Kill the CC
4. Drop Hounds
6. Drop Loons
7. Rage the Enemy AQ
8. Rage the Loons on opposite side
9. Haste through the middle/Against the AS
10. BK drop for cleanup/tank

Version 3: Copenhagen’s Style

Army Composition: 3 Hounds, 26 Loons OR 25 loons with 5 archers
Spells: 4 Rage, 1 Haste
CC: 1 Max Hound, 1 Skeleton Spell

Cope’s version has a couple variations.

1. No ZapQuake. Drop 2-4 loons (and a haste if necessary) to pull the CC.

2. After the CC pull, he uses his BK to drag the CC to the corner and tank/sacrifice. Then, he drops his AQ to kill the CC. This is certainly effective and it works, though I prefer to hold on to my BK for cleanup purposes.

3. Spells. The great thing about using 4 rages, is that they cover almost all of the base if you use them correctly. Don’t overlap rages as much as possible, and save them for important parts like getting through an AS or pounding through a lot of defenses quickly. While Rage does increase speed, it does not increase speed nearly as much as Haste does. So keep that in mind.

The skeleton spell is also another variation, but you have to keep quite a few things in mind before you decide to use it. AVOID using this spell if the AQ is surrounded by: Multi Inferno Tower, Bomb Towers, and Down X-bows. Mortars and cannons may also slow down the skelly spell, but it will still be effective. Also, if a WT is not engaged by a hound or loon, they will also negate the spell by taking out all of the skellies.

1. Pull the CC (2-4 loons + Haste if AD or AS nearby)
2. Kill the CC (BK sacrifice, or Archers with AQ)
3. Drop Hounds
5. Drop Loons
6. Rage x2 on opposite sides or Loons (Enemy AQ still covered by 1 Rage)
7. Skelly spell dropped on AQ under rage (make sure she is finished moving around, so she doesn’t jump over a wall- Skellies can’t get through walls easily).
7. Rage x2 to get across the rest of the base (Don’t overlap, and use your discretion about appropriate drop points)
8. Allow Loons, Pups, Hopefully AQ to finish Cleaning base.

These are the main strategies you will see in PuppyExplosion. I suggest picking one of the variations and sticking to it until you master it. This is not an easy strat to learn, even though it looks easy to do. I suggest using it on raids or pushing to higher leagues like Champions and Titan’s. Then, you will really master it for purposes of war.

Good luck Pups! If you have any additional questions, concerns, or scenarios, contact the LaLoon Professionals: Doug, Brent, Maverick, Cope, and Jerrrrr.
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Thank you Mav! A great primer.
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